Community Grants

Community Grants Program

The Community Grants Program aims to improve equity in the Authority's grantmaking. To learn more about the Authority's efforts to ensure the benefits of Measure AA funding are conveyed to the Bay's economically disadvantaged communities (EDCs), please visit our Equity and Environmental Justice webpage. It provides an alternative pathway to getting a grant, with a shorter application form and increased staff support.


Who should apply?
Community-based organizations in EDCs are eligible to apply for Community Grants. See our Guidance on identifying EDCs and EDC maps, on our Grants page under Additional Resources.


What kinds of projects will be funded?

The Authority funds the following types of projects:

  1. A habitat project that aims to restore, protect, or enhance tidal wetlands, managed ponds, or natural habitats on the shoreline in the San Francisco Bay Area;
  2. A flood management project that is part of a habitat project;
  3. A public access project that will provide or improve access or recreational amenities that are part of a habitat project.

For the Community Grants Program, we are looking for projects that meet the requirements above and do the following:

  • Support community visioning aimed at developing conceptual plans for shoreline habitat projects.
  • Implement small shoreline habitat projects with strong community benefits, e.g., community engagement, education, workforce development, career development, leadership development, and community celebrations.
  • Train community leaders to develop proposals, apply for funds, and implement small shoreline habitat projects in partnership with shoreline landowners, such as planting native plants, removing invasive plants, and cleaning up trash.
  • Empower communities to have a voice in the design and implementation of large shoreline restoration projects by helping them gain knowledge of shoreline issues and build relationships with restoration-focused organizations and agencies. 

Examples of projects funded:


What is the maximum grant amount?

The maximum amount that the Authority will provide for a Community Grant is $200,000. Matching funds are not required. If you need a larger amount, you are welcome to apply for a grant in the competitive grant round.


How do you apply?

Please submit an application to The application asks for basic information about the proposed project, including a project description, schedule, and budget.


Staff will schedule a consultation with you to talk through the project, and a review team will assess whether the project is a good fit for the Community Grants Program. If it is, staff will work closely with you to develop a staff recommendation that can be brought to the Board for funding authorization.

To learn more about Community Grants, please email

Resources for Community-Based Restoration projects can be found on our general Resources page. The typical process of receiving our grants is linked on our Resources for Grantees page


When should you apply and when will the money be available?

  • You can apply at any time. We are accepting and reviewing applications on a rolling basis.  
  • It usually takes about two months from the time the board approves the project to getting a grant agreement in place, and another month or so for the grantee to provide all the necessary documents to allow work to begin.


How much money is available?

The Authority has $600,000 available for the Community Grants Program between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023 (Fiscal Year 2022-2023). The maximum grant amount is $200,000. Therefore, the board is expected award a maximum of three to four Community Grants during this fiscal year.


Why was this program created?

The Authority created this program as part of its effort to improve equity in its grantmaking. It provides an alternative pathway to getting a grant, with a shorter application form and increased staff support.  Reports on the program's funding to-date can be found on the Equity and Environmental Justice webpage

The Measure AA 2021 Grants Webinar was hosted on August 5, 2021. View the webinar slides and Q&A. A recording can be found here.