Potential Projects

The Restoration Authority has developed a list and map of projects that could potentially be funded by Measure AA. These projects can be viewed in EcoAtlas, an online tool that provides free public access to information about the quantity and quality of California wetlands. This system consists of a data entry portal, Project Tracker, combined with project information, map viewing, file and document links, and analytical tools available through EcoAtlas.

To determine whether a proposed project would qualify for the list, please refer to the Grant Program Guidelines, which are based on the Restoration Authority's enabling legislation, and Measure AA.

This list of projects that are potentially eligible for Authority funding will be used to help inform the Authority and its staff of the number, timing and funding needs of the projects that may apply for funding. The Authority’s project list will help guide the development of requests for proposals, as well as their timing. However, neither the presence nor the absence of a project on the Authority’s list will have any bearing on its prioritization for funding. The project list and map will be updated continuously, as projects are submitted through Project Tracker.

List of Potential Projects in EcoAtlas (SFBRA-Eligible Projects)