Candlestick Point Stewardship Project

Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ)
Literacy for Environmental Justice

Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood, City and County of San Francisco, Measure AA Region: West Bay

Project Phases Funded by this Grant:


Measure AA Program Category:

Safe, Clean Water and Pollution Prevention Program; Vital Fish, Bird and Wildlife Habitat Program; Shoreline Public Access Program.


Candlestick Point State Recreation Area is located on the highly urbanized southeastern shoreline of San Francisco and is owned by the California Department of Parks and
Recreation (State Parks). The restoration site within the project area is Sunrise Point, and makes up the southeastern end of the project area. The initial phases of restoration at Sunrise Point occurred from 2012-2015, during which time Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) restored 2.5 acres of habitat at Sunrise Point planting native trees, shrubs, perennial grasses and forbs with an emphasis on salt and flood resilient species near the bayshore and the lower-lying western isthmus of Sunrise Point.

Although LEJ has worked to restore Sunrise Point for several years, the restoration is about 50% complete. This project will focus primarily on revegetating approximately 2 acres of upland habitat adjacent to bayland habitats (adjacent uplands), which is part of the shoreline habitat mosaic. Many species that use bayland habitats also use adjacent uplands, e.g., some birds that forage in the bay use adjacent uplands as nesting or roosting areas. Currently, the understory of the restoration site is covered in invasive plants, and this project will remove the invasives and plant 4,000-6,500 native plants grown at LEJ’s native plant nursery, at which point the restoration of Sunrise Point will be 75% complete.

The project includes workforce development training, trash clean-up, monitoring and reporting of destructive activities for a two year period, native plant propagation, and community engagement within the entire project area.

LEJ is a non-profit that serves communities in southeastern San Francisco by promoting ecological health, environmental stewardship and community development. LEJ focuses on educating residents on ecological health, propagating and planting native plants, offering recreation activities, and providing workforce development opportunities that directly benefit community members.