San Leandro (Lisjan) Creek Community Project

The David R. Brower, Ronald V. Dellums Institute for Sustainable Policy Studies and Action
San Leandro (Lisjan) Creek
Grant Amount:

Community Grant


San Leandro Creek, Oakland, Alameda County; Measure AA Region: East Bay

Project Phases Funded by this Grant:


Measure AA Program Category:

Safe, Clean Water and Pollution Prevention Program; Vital Fish, Bird and Wildlife Habitat Program


LM Consultants (now Ocelotl), The Hood Planner, RM Freeman & Associates, Madison Park Academy, Higher Ground Community Development Corporation, Planting Justice, Sobrante Park Resident Action Council, and the East Oakland Neighborhood Initiative. Additional groups, such as the Associated Villages of Lisjan’s Sogorea Te’ Land Trust, East Bay Regional Park District, East Oakland Collective, and the Oakland Parks Foundation will be formally invited to participate at the Hub


2023 UPDATE: The David R. Brower, Ronald V. Dellums Institute for Sustainable Policy Studies and Action began work on their project on June 1 and fulfilled a full month of project activities, including delivering community hub meetings, youth intern recruitment, and several introductory habitat training events. Work will continue in FY 23/24 with community hub meetings and youth interns completing their summer program. Hands-on restoration work will also continue.


This Community Grant project funds the Social Good Fund, fiscal sponsor of the David R. Brower, Ronald V. Dellums Institute for Sustainable Policy Studies and Action, to carry out the San Leandro (Lisjan) Creek Community Project.

The Community Project will:

  1. establish and operate a communications hub (the Hub), a platform for agencies, community-based organizations, and residents to exchange information on planning, restoring, and stewarding San Leandro Creek;
  2. recruit and train students and community members to steward the creek and its surrounding habitat; and
  3. plant and maintain native vegetation at the Madison Park Academy campus along the bank of San Leandro Creek. 

Hands-on restoration activities will take place at two specific locations. One planting area will extend the existing tree canopy, consisting primarily of decorative trees such as Black Acacia, onto bare leveled ground near the Madison Park Academy campus playing field. Native tree species, such as coast live oak and Fremont cottonwood, will be chosen to provide habitat for native wildlife species. The second restoration area is on sloped ground shaded by the existing tree canopy on the edge of the property bordering a fence separating the campus from the maintenance path.

The Community Project lays the groundwork for a planned collaborative effort led by the District to construct a 1.2-mile greenway trail and restore riparian habitat along San Leandro Creek, connecting the East Oakland neighborhoods of Sobrante Park, Brookfield, and Columbia Gardens with the Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline.