BRRIT Project List

Updated March 2021

Project Name

Project Sponsor


900 Innes Remediation Project

SFBRA Project Page

San Francisco Recreation and Park Department Permitted

Heron's Head Park Shoreline Resilience Project

SFBRA Project Page

Port of San Francisco Permitted

Invasive Spartina Project - High Tide Refuge Islands

SFBRA Project Page

State Coastal Conservancy Permitted

Lower Walnut Creek Restoration Project

SFBRA Project Page

Contra Costa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Permitted

Terminal 4 Wharf, Warehouse, and Pilings Removal Project

State Coastal Conservancy/ City of Richmond Application

Coyote Hills Regional Park - Restoration and Public Access Project

SFBRA Project Page

East Bay Regional Park District Pre-application

McInnis Marsh Habitat Restoration

Marin County Parks and Open Space Pre-application

Novato Deer Island Tidal Wetlands Restoration

SFBRA Project Page

Marin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Pre-application

Palo Alto Horizontal Levee Pilot Project

San Francisco Estuary Partnership/ Palo Alto Regional Water Quality Control Plant Pre-application

Shoreline Park - Burlingame

City of Burlingame / Sphere Institute Pre-application

San Leandro Treatment Wetland Project

SFBRA Project Page

City of San Leandro Pre-application

South Bay Salt Ponds: Southern Eden Landing (Phase 2)

SFBRA Project Page

California Department of Fish and Wildlife (Bay Delta Region)/ State Coastal Conservancy Pre-application

South San Francisco Bay Shoreline Project: Phase II

SFBRA Project Page

Santa Clara Valley Water District/ U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pre-application

SAFER (Strategy to Advance Flood Protection, Ecosystems and Recreation)

San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority Pre-application

Tiscornia Marsh Restoration and Sea Level Rise Adaptation Project

SFBRA Project Page

Marin Audubon Society Pre-application

Greenwood Gravel Beach Design Project

County of Marin Department of Public Works Pre-application

Restore Hayward Marsh Project 

SFBRA Project Page

East Bay Regional Park District Pre-application

Sonoma Creek Baylands Strategy

SFBRA Project Page

Sonoma Land Trust Candidate Project

*   Application: permit applications have been submitted to all agencies and the project is under review

      Candidate Project: a project that is on the BRRIT project list, but the applicant has not yet met with the BRRIT for a pre-application meeting

      Pre-application: project meetings with the BRRIT are underway prior to submitting permit applications to all agencies

      Permitted: all permits and approvals have been secured from the BRRIT agencies


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