De-Pave Park

City of Alameda
Planning and Community Stewardship
DePave Park rendering photo:CMG, City of Alameda

Alameda Point, City of Alameda, Alameda County, Measure AA Region: East Bay

Project Phases Funded by this Grant:

Completion of a master plan, 30% design plans, and a community stewardship program 

Measure AA Program Category:

Vital Fish, Bird and Wildlife Habitat Program; Integrated Flood Protection Program; Shoreline Public Access Program


Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ)


2023 UPDATE: The grantee conducted the first set of community engagement workshops, both onsite and in-person, with input from over 100 community members. Final designs will be presented to the community for feedback in November 2023. 


The Authority authorized funding to the City of Alameda to complete a master plan, 30% design plans, and a community stewardship program for De-Pave Park in Alameda County to provide for the park to have a range of habitats, from subtidal and tidal to upland, and public access amenities. 

The City’s conceptual plan for the park includes 17.8 acres of habitat, including subtidal and tidal habitat for shorebirds, waterfowl, fish, and marine mammals and upland habitat for terrestrial species. In addition to restoring historical wetlands and creating new habitat, the park will be designed for habitats to evolve as sea level rises to create additional tidal wetlands with continued public access from a raised boardwalk.

Specific educational elements will be identified during the design process. The project may also establish a hydrological connection between De-Pave Park and adjacent wetlands owned by the U.S. Veterans Administration, which are undergoing restoration. 

The City will conduct extensive outreach and seek community input by collaborating with local partner organizations to solicit feedback through an in-depth master plan process. This builds on previous community input on the De-Pave Park Vision Plan and outreach targeting low-income residents living nearby.