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To be placed on the BRRIT Project List, please see BRRIT Eligibility.

The pre-application process allows projects to identify and resolve issues early in project planning and identify additional information needed prior to the permit application process. The BRRIT is here to help and will work as a team to provide guidance before projects submit permit applications.

We encourage projects to coordinate with the BRRIT early and as often as needed. The BRRIT can provide early guidance on regulatory requirements and help projects navigate the permitting process. Participating in the pre-application process with the BRRIT is the most important thing projects can do to improve permitting timelines and outcomes.

Once Restoration Authority staff inform you that your project is on the BRRIT Project List, the BRRIT will contact you to schedule a pre-application meeting. BRRIT pre-application meetings are generally held on Wednesday mornings from 10-12, with up to two Wednesdays each month reserved for pre-application meetings. 

The length of the pre-application process and amount of coordination will depend on many factors including the complexity of each project and the stage of project planning/design.  We encourage projects to provide as much detail as possible as the project develops and submit any draft reports to the BRRIT for early review and feedback at any time during the pre-application process.  Following the meeting, the BRRIT will provide written comments, questions, and suggestions for permitting pathways. 

The BRRIT compiled a list of resources and tools to help projects better understand the agencies’ policies, regulations, and permitting requirements as well as topics such as sea level rise, monitoring, and species conservation. The BRRIT also developed a list of tips for project proponents to facilitate project permitting.

Projects are expected to participate in the BRRIT pre-application process and address any issues that would delay permit issuance prior to submitting permit applications. During the pre-application process, projects should review the permit application checklist and discuss with the BRRIT to facilitate submittal of a complete application.

Permit applications are subject to review under each individual agency’s laws, policies, regulations, and permitting timelines. For example, agencies may need other agency consultations/approvals, prior to filing a complete application and issuing project permits.  If you have any questions about this process, please visit our FAQ page or contact the BRRIT by email to  


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