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Starry Flounder. Photo taken by Jim Ervin, UC Davis South Bay Monitoring Program
Starry Flounder. Photo taken by Jim Ervin, UC Davis South Bay Monitoring Program

Permit Application Checklist
Projects are expected to participate in the BRRIT pre-application process and address any issues that would delay permit issuance prior to submitting permit applications. During the pre-application process, projects should review the permit application checklist and discuss with the BRRIT to facilitate submittal of a complete application.


Helpful Links
Below are links to resources to help projects better understand the agencies' policies, regulations, and permitting requirements as well as information on topics such as sea level rise, monitoring, and species conservation.

US Army Corps of Engineers  


Corps Jurisdiction and Determinations 

Corps Regulatory Permitting 


San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission  

BCDC Community Vulnerability Tool 

BCDC Permitting 

BCDC Sea Level Rise Viewer 


San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board  

Statewide Restoration General Order

Clean Water Act section 401 Water Quality Certification  

General Certification for Small Habitat Restoration Projects 

Climate Change 


California Department of Fish and Wildlife  

Restoration Management Permit

Lake and Streambed Alteration Program  

Environmental Permit Information Management System  

California Endangered Species Act  

CESA Incidental Take Permitting Documents 

Life History and Range Maps  

Biogeographic Information and Observation System (BIOS) 

California Natural Diversity Database (CNDDB) 

San Francisco Bay Study 

Commercial Pacific Herring Fishery 

Special Animals List      

Dredging Environmental Work Windows

Cutting the Green Tape


NOAA Fisheries

ESA Consultations Overview 

Biological Opinions 

Environmental Consultation Organizer  

Essential Fish Habitat 

EFH Consultations 


Protected Resources 

Salmonid Critical Habitat 

Green Sturgeon Critical Habitat 


Essential Fish Habitat Mapper

Recovery Plans 

Coastal Salmonids Multispecies Recovery Plan 

Green Sturgeon Recovery Plan 

Central Valley Salmonids Recovery Plan 

Subtidal Reports

San Francisco Bay Subtidal Habitat Goals Project

Native Olympia Oyster Collaborative



U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Programmatic Biological and Conference Opinion for California Statewide Programmatic Restoration Efforts

ESA Section 7 Consultation 

“Walking in the Marsh”, Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Recovery Plans 

Recovery Plan for Tidal Marsh Ecosystems of Northern and Central California 

Western Snowy Plover Recovery Plan 

California Least Tern Recovery Plan 

Vernal Pool Ecosystems of California and Southern Oregon 

Environmental Conservation Online System (ECOS) tools

Signed Biological Opinions  (query by species) 

Consultation Package Builder 


Sea Level Rise 

OPC 2018 Sea Level Rise Guidance 

SF Bay Shoreline Adaptation Atlas 


Monitoring Resources 

NOAA Restoration Monitoring 

Tidal Marsh Monitoring 

Wetlands Regional Monitoring Program 

Water Quality Monitoring 



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