Participating and Commenting in Restoration Authority Teleconference Meetings

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority is conducting business remotely. 

All Restoration Authority meetings will be conducted via teleconference.  Though there will be no physical meeting location for attendees, the public is welcome to participate in meetings by observing and by providing written and/or oral comments. 

Meetings will be conducted over Zoom teleconference.  The teleconference will be used to present pictures and verbal descriptions of the project.  Although you will have the best experience by using the Zoom link, if you do not have access to a computer or to the internet, you can follow the meeting by telephone only.   Do not use Zoom and the phone dial-in simultaneously – this causes audio feedback and echoes. 

Please note, chat function will be disabled for the duration of the meetings.  This is to avoid ex parte conversations and comply with public meeting requirements.  If you need technical assistance during the meeting, please email 


Information on how to join each meeting are in that meeting's agenda.  The instructions below outline how members of the public can provide public comment.  


Providing Public Comment 

There are several ways for the public to provide comments for the Authority’s teleconference meetings. These are:   

  • Send an email in advance to: .  Email comments received by 5pm the Friday before the meeting will distributed to the Governing Board or relevant committee. Please include in your email the agenda item number for the item you are commenting on. If you want your name and organization included in the public record, please include in your comment. Emails received after 5pm the Friday before the meeting will not be considered by the Authority. 
  • Provide comments directly during the meeting.  During the teleconference, attendees will have an option to use the “Raise Hand” function to be unmuted and make their comment.  Comments can be made at the end of each item and at the end of the agenda. Comments on items that are not on the agenda must be made during the public comment at the end of the agenda. If you want your name and organization included in the public record, please state at the beginning of your comments.  
  • If you are joining by telephone, press *9 to “Raise Hand” and be called on by the Chair to make your comment. 


During this extraordinary time, and as we explore new ways of doing business and new technologies, we ask that you remain patient with us.