11:00 - San Francisco – Bay Area Metro Center 375 Beale Street, San Francisco CA 94105

Meeting Agenda

Governing Board 

Dave Pine, Supervisor, County of San Mateo, Chair 
John Gioia, Supervisor, County of Contra Costa, Vice Chair 
Kathrin “Kate” Sears, Supervisor, County of Marin
Aaron Peskin, Supervisor, City and County of San Francisco
Susan Gorin, Supervisor, County of Sonoma 
Vinnie Bacon, Council Member, City of Fremont
Karen Holman, Director, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

Sam Schuchat, Executive Officer
Kate Kriozere, Staff Counsel


Date: February 14, 2020 
Time: 11:00AM – 1:00PM
Location: San Francisco – Bay Area Metro Center
375 Beale Street, CR-109 Yerba Buena Room, San Francisco CA 94105

Webcast Link: http://baha.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?publish_id=fb7f8890-52a6-11ea-9ca4-0050569183fa

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Public Comments (Information)

4. Board Member Announcements (Information)

5. Chair’s Report (Information)

6. Executive Reports (Information) 

A. Measure AA Grant Round 3 Updat

B. Expenditures under Executive Officer’s Delegated Authority
    Item 6B: Quarterly Report on Expenditures under Delegated Authority

7. Approval of Summary Minutes of December 06, 2019 (Action)
   Item 7: Summary Minutes for December 06, 2019

8. Consideration and Possible Approval of Text of Annual Report (Action)
    Taylor Samuelson, Public Information Officer
    Karen McDowell, Deputy Program Manager
   Item 8: Draft Annual Report of the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority, FY 2018-2019

9. EcoAtlas Dashboards for Performance Measures (Information)
    Alexis Barrera, Sea Grant Fellow, State Coastal Conservancy
    Cristina Grosso, San Francisco Estuary Institute
   Item 9: EcoAtlas Dashboards Presentation

10. Measure AA Special Parcel Tax Annual Levy Report (Information)
      Tim Seufert, Managing Director, NBS 
    Item 10: 2019/20 Annual Levy Report for: Measure AA Special Parcel Tax

11. Discussion of Equity Improvements and Small Grants Program (Information)
    Dr. Ana Alvarez, Vice Chair, Advisory Committee
    Nahal Ghoghaie Ipakchi, San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission
    Jessica Davenport, Deputy Program Manager
    Item 11A: Consultant's Report: Establishing an Equity and Community Engagement Program that Benefits Economically Disadvantaged Communities
   Item 11B: Report of the Advisory Committee: Recommendations to Benefit Economically Disadvantaged Communities. 
   Item 11C: Staff Memo on Proposed Framework for Equity Improvements and Community Engagement Grants Program
   Attachment 1: State Coastal Conservancy DRAFT Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Guidelines

12. Bay Restoration Series, Workshop #10: State of the Estuary Report (Information)
     Caitlin Sweeney, Director, San Francisco Estuary Partnership
     Item 12: State of the Estuary 2019 Update, Executive Summary

13. Advisory Committee Chair’s Report to the Board (Information)
      Luisa Valiela, Advisory Committee Chair

14. Adjournment

Note:    Agenda items may be taken out of sequence at the discretion of the Restoration Authority. At any time during the meeting, but prior to the adjournment of the open session of the meeting, the Restoration Authority may recess or adjourn to closed session to consider personnel matters, prices and terms of real estate transactions, and possible and pending litigation. Session will be closed to the public pursuant to attorney-client privilege and statutory authorization under Government Code Sections 11126(a), (c) (7), and (e).

Any person who has a disability and requires reasonable accommodation to participate in this public meeting should contact Anulika White no later than five days prior to meeting. Also, an assistive listening device can be made available for use during the meeting.
Questions about the meeting, agenda or tour can be directed to Ann White at 
(510) 286-0343 or Anulika.White@scc.ca.gov or at the Conservancy: 
1515 Clay Street, 10th Floor
Oakland, CA 94612