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Measure AA 2021 Grant Round:

The San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority's latest grant round is open! The Authority can fund proposals that are:


Today, the Governing Board of the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority authorized grant funding for six Bayshore restoration and access projects, totaling $10,645,000.  The funding comes from the 2016 Measure AA, or the San Francisco Bay Clean Water, Pollution Prevention and Habitat Restoration Measure, a 20-year, $12 parcel tax in the nine counties of the Bay Area.


This week, Save the Bay published updated figures tracking the headway made against the regional goal of 100,000 acres of restored tidal marsh throughout the Bay.  To date, 78,000 acres have been acquired, restored, or already existed as healthy wetland, leaving 22,000 acres yet to be acquired and restored. 



The San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority has awarded its first Community Grant to support community-based organizations' (CBOs') engagement with restoration work.   

The grant of $100,000 is going to Shore Up Marin City's Marin City Urban Wetland Community Visioning Project to conduct a community visioning and planning process to restore a degraded stormwater detention basin into wetland and open water habitat in Marin County.