South San Francisco Bay Shoreline Project

Santa Clara Valley Water District
Planning; Permitting; Design; Construction/Implementation
Levee Construction
Grant Amount:

$4,439,406 in 2018, $57,026,673 in 2019 to be allocated over 5 years


Community of Alviso and adjacent ponds and waterways, between Alviso Slough and Coyote Creek, northern San José, Santa Clara County, Southern Region

Project Phases Funded by this Grant:

Planning; Permitting; Design; Construction/Implementation

Measure AA Program Category:

Vital Fish, Bird and Wildlife Habitat Program; Integrated Flood Protection Program; Shoreline Public Access Program


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, California State Coastal Conservancy, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


The Authority has approved funding for the South San Francisco Bay Shoreline Project (Shoreline Project) twice, once in 2018 for $4,439,406 and again in 2019 for $57,026,673 over a five-year period, both to the Santa Clara Valley Water District for design and implementation of the project. 

The Shoreline Project is an effort to provide flood protection, restore 2,900 acres of former salt evaporation ponds, and improve public access in the Alviso area of South San Francisco Bay. It will address the need for tidal wetland restoration, flood protection, and improved recreation connections in the South Bay. Ultimately, the project will restore 2,900 acres of managed open water ponds to tidal marsh.

The Project aims to restore original tidal action and baylands habitat; provide 1-percent coastal flood risk management including improved shoreline resilience against projected sea level rise; and provide recreational enhancement opportunities and San Francisco Bay Trail connections.