Policy and Management Committee

California Ridgway's rail. Photo taken by Allen Edwards.
California Ridgway's rail. Photo taken by Allen Edwards.

A Policy and Management Committee (PMC), made up of agency managers, was formed to coordinate with the BRRIT. The PMC has developed a Permit and Policy Improvement List identifying issues limiting the flexibility of design and/or permitting of multi-benefit restoration projects and are working to resolve these issues. The PMC has developed protocols for elevating and resolving permitting issues and will review substantive issues raised by the BRRIT or others in project-specific cases and propose resolutions at a management or policy level where appropriate. 

Who is on the PMC:

EPA: Luisa Valiela, Sahrye Cohen

US Army Corps of Engineers: William Connor

US Fish and Wildlife Service: Jana Affonso

NOAA Fisheries: Darren Howe

BCDC:  Steve Goldbeck (acting); Brenda Goeden (alternate), Julie Garren

Water Board: Keith Lichten; Elizabeth Morrison (alternate)

CA Department of Fish and Wildlife: Craig Weightman, Peter McHugh, Becky Ota, Eric Wilkins


The work of the BRRIT and PMC [then called the Policy and Management Team (PMT)] are outlined in the 2018 "San Francisco Bay Coordinated Permitting and Approach, Agency Agreements, and Performance Measures" document. 


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