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Restoration Authority Resources

The documents below include the enabling legislation for the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority, the ballot measure passed by the voters to raise funds for its grant program, and supporting documents outlining the Restoration Authority's guidelines and procedures.

Restoration Authority and Measure AA Archive

The archive contains materials developed prior to the approval of Measure AA.

Additional Resources

Below are plans, strategies, and guidance developed by a wide range of agencies, organizations, researchers and collaborative teams to support the protection, restoration and enhancement of San Francisco Bay. Grant applicants and reviewers are encouraged to make use of these resources in developing and evaluating proposed projects.

Bay Conservation and Restoration: Big PictureV

Habitat Restoration: Plans and StrategiesV

Habitat Restoration: Project Design, Monitoring and TrackingV

Habitat Restoration: Lessons LearnedV

Flood ProtectionV

Public AccessV

Water QualityV

Sea Level Rise and Climate Change AdaptationV